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The services are provided in the following territories by the described entities further referred to as iumiCash:

Solomon Islands: by iumiCash Limited, a Solomon Islands incorporated company with company number 20200170 and registered address of Baoro & Associates, Top Floor Ysato Building, Commonwealth Street, Honiara Solomon Islands. Usage of iumiCash services in Solomon Islands is subject to Solomon Islands laws.

Samoa: by iumiCash Pacific Pty Ltd, an Australian incorporated company with company number 650 964 248 and registered address of Bob Reus & Co, Suite 2, 35-37 Princes Highway, Engadine, NSW, 2233, Australia in partnership with IMEX Samoa. IMEX Samoa maintains regulatory approval to operate in partnership with iumiCash Pacific Pty Ltd and the usage of the iumiCash service is governed by the laws of Australia. 

iumiCash is the next-generation mobile smartphone-based e-Wallet solution available on multiple platforms. It works on Apple and Android-compatible smartphones. The system stores local currency equivalents in your phone, allowing you to spend the funds via Merchants, Utilities or transfer money to family and friends. The funds stored on your phone are fully backed by local currency and deposited into a commercial bank account on your behalf. Cashing in and out is done fee free via any of our participating Agents. The latest list of agents will be displayed in the app. There are no monthly account fees, and the app is free to download from the App Store or Play Store. 

Fees: There are only transaction fees when you send money (excluding physical Cash in and out via Agents). The sender pays a 1% transaction fee added to the amount they send. The receiver receives the full amount tendered. The storing of your iumiCash local currency equivalents in your account is fee free but it does not attract any interest like a bank savings account. It is a physical cash replacement. Topups to utilities such as power and water incur additional fees displayed within the app and may vary from time to time.

Security: iumiCash user registration is via the phone number, SMS/Text authentication for users and email authentication for Merchants and Agents. Username (phone number for users and email for Merchants/Agents) and passwords are required to log in to the system. Once logged in, a pin number is required as an extra level of security to send money. PIN and password recovery functions are available. The phone does not store the amount of money you have. The amount of money is stored on the backend system. In the event that a phone is lost or stolen, money can only be recovered upon logging back into the account via the user number/email and password. If the password has been forgotten, the password can only be reset by sending an SMS/Text to the users original phone number when they signed up for the account. Treat the access to the service like physical cash. If you lose physical cash it is gone forever.

Interent Access: The service requires a Smartphone with Internet access. The Internet access can be either via 3/4G, LTE, Wifi, Satellite Wi-Fi or tethering to another device. Without Internet access, funds cannot be transferred or received.

Anti Money Laundering: iumiCash has a strict policy on anti-money laundering which is available on our website. 

Know Your Customer (KYC): When entering your details during signup, you must include your first name, last name, date of birth, home address and country of residence. Ensure these details are correct as to get verified by an agent, the above details must match your valid National ID documents such as a passport and/or drivers license. iumiCash does not retain a copy of these documents. The verification process is immediate at a iumiCash agent when the agent inspects your documents and compares them with the details entered into the App. After signup a user can remain unverified for a period of 3 months before being de-activated. Verification is a once off process completed by the agent is valid indefinitely.

Unverified user Maximum Wallet amount is $1,000, Maximum Single Transaction amount $20 and Maximum Total Daily Transaction amount $100.

Verified user Maximum Wallet amount $10,000, Maximum Single Transaction amount $2,000 and Maximum Total Daily Transaction amount $5,000.

Business accounts using the iumiCash Biz cannot be used at all without verification by a iumiCash Agent.

Deposit (Cashin) and Withdrawal (CashOut): To Deposit or Withdraw to/from the e-Wallet account for local currency, you visit in person an authorised iumiCash Agent. The process of Deposit and Withdrawal is immediate at the Agent provided the Agent has the funds (iumiCash for Deposits and local currency for Withdrawals) to complete the transaction. The list of agents is shown in the App who may vary from time to time. Withdrawal (Cashout) records are kept and may be provided to government authorities under a lawful request as part of Anti Money Laundering requirements. Withdrawal does not require you to provide any documents if you are a verified user.

Minors: In the event that a minor wishes to register for iumiCash provision of their respective guardian will suffice.

Restrictions: The iumiCash App can only be used in certain countries but users in FATF blacklisted countries, including North Korea, Myanmar and Iran are not permitted to register. Any country added to the FATF blacklist in the future and publish on https://www.fatf-gafi.org will be denied service.

Privacy Policy: iumiCash’s Privacy Policy is available on our website and may be modified from time to time. For further questions, please contact iumiCash at 

info @ iumi.cash  or visit https://iumi.cash/

Refund Policy: For Debit/Credit card account topups via the App, any claims for a refund resulting from fraudulent use of your Debit/Credit card to topup a iumiCash e-Wallet account must be made within 14 days of the transaction. To claim a refund against fraud, please initially contact you card provider to block your card, then contact our finance team at accounts @ iumi.cash . In your communications with iumiCash, please supply your Debit/Credit card statement showing the transaction date, time and details of the fraudulent iumiCash transaction to your card. Please also show your iumiCash account transaction statement to confirm your iumiCash account has not been topped up. If confirmed by iumiCash as a fraudulent transaction, in our sole discretion, a refund will be credited to your card within 45 days of a iumiCash fraud confirmation.

Limits on Liability: iumiCash makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding IumiCash Services. The iumiCash Services are offered on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis without warranties of any kind, other than warranties that are incapable of exclusion, waiver, or limitation under the applicable laws. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, iumiCash makes no warranty: (1) as to the quality or accuracy of transactional data or information received or transmitted using the iumiCash App; (2) as to any product or service obtained using the IumiCash App; (3) that the IumiCash products or services will be uninterrupted or error-free; or (4) that any particular result or information will be obtained.

iumiCash shall not be liable for any Claims arising from, in connection with, or as a result of any or all of the following:

  1. refusal of any bank, financial institution, ATM, or Merchant establishment and the like to allow, accept, or honour iumiCash;
  2. For any unauthorised transaction without fault or negligence of iumiCash; 
  3. If the User is unable to perform or complete any transaction due to service unavailability of the Internet Service provider; 
  4. any delay, interruption, or termination of the iumiCash transaction due to reasons beyond iumiCash’s control; including force majeure, the action of governmental agencies or third parties, or change in legislation;
  5. theft or unauthorised use of iumiCash App or any Claims payable by User to the third party by; and/or
  6. any misrepresentation, fraud, or misconduct by any third party.

Variation to Terms and Conditions: The Terms and Conditions described herein may change from time to time.

Last updated June 7, 2023